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Happy Tuesday!

Welcome new readers and Hello again to my followers!

On today’s tag, I bring to you my Top 5 Authors! 😉

If you didn’t check out my previous post for my Top 5 Favorite Couples, go over and take a look.

Now the following Authors are some who I consider geniuses in their craft. I’ve read, if not all, most of their works and while I might’ve not loved all of them; I stick around for the next.

These Authors have their flaws but the way they’ve built their stories and have shaped their characters, have resonated with me. They have inspired me through their writings and motivated me to try to create a world just as wondrous as theirs.

Their books have made themselves a home in my ever-growing library, either digitally or physically. Not to mention, they are usually the first couple of artists I think about when someone needs a good recommendation.

Without further ado, my Top 5 Authors:

1. Holly Black

2. Sarah J Maas

3. Mariana Zapata

4. Jennifer L. Armentrout

5. Penelope Douglas 

Click on their names to see their Goodreads page

Who are your favorite Authors? What made you love them so much? Let me know below!


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I'm Jeimy. A newbie book blogger who enjoys Fantasy and Romance, World of Warcraft, and Black Coffee. Welcome to A Novel Idea! ♥

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