BookEnding Summer 2019: Bookcation

It’s finally here! Bookending Summer/Tidyathon has begun!

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Today’s prompt was supplied by the lovely Charvi @ Not Just Fiction


You’re off to the beach for a nice time and you can take 10 other fictional characters with you. Whom would you choose and why?

  1. Adrian from the Vampire Academy Series
  2. Rhysand, Cassian, and Azriel from the ACOTAR Series (3 for 1 packaged deal)
  3. Feyre from the ACOTAR Series
  4. Roth from the Dark Elements Series
  5. Aelin from the TOG Series
  6. Misha from PUNK 57
  7. Tate for the Fallaway lane series
  8. Victor Krum from Harry Potter
  9. Yona from the manga Yona of the Dawn
  10. Kyo from the manga Fruits Basket

Now, why would I choose all of these? These are characters that I think we be the most fun to be around with at the beach! Based on their personalities, these characters would prove to be a good time. While my list is a little on the Chaotic side, I feel like I would have a blast with all these characters.

Who’re your 10 fictional beach companions? Let me know in the comments below or drop the link to your post!



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9 thoughts on “BookEnding Summer 2019: Bookcation

  1. Aaaaah Adrian precious, he’d be a blast on a beach vacation hahaha. Rhys, Cas and Azriel all good choices as is Feyre though I can imagine Feyre would just spend most of her time with Rhys haha. I think I’d take Jem, Will, Jules (The Infernal Devices and The Dark Artifices) along with Eliza (Eliza and Her Monsters), Ruby and Acrus (Frost Blood) with me to the beach and erm…I don’t know probably Alein as well as Aedion…OH AND DORIAN. Man I’d just take everyone with me, settle down and watch them argue and form friendships xD


  2. 10/10 on the eye candy with this list tho! I totally agree with you on having fun with these characters–Rhysand, Feyre, and the gang along would be a hoot to spend the day with let alone with the others. OMG I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER. A TIME IS BEING HAD IN MY BRAIN RIGHT NOW.

    I do need to get on reading TOG and Punk 57 though! It’s been long enough I think…

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  3. Gotta keep the eyeballs entertained at the beach, sam. πŸ˜‰
    I live for Punk 57. Like I need Penelope Douglas to just finally give us that giant cross-over already!
    TOG was great. It started a little slow for me but it was worth every moment.


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