#BaeCrate Unboxing: Sleeping with the Enemy Box

Baecrate Unboxing August Theme: Sleeping with the Enemy

Hello lovely bookworms!

I apologize for not writing this post for Wednesday but I was waiting for my August Baecrate box to get here! I wanted to do a quick unboxing post and share my never ending excitement.

Why weren’t subscription boxes a thing when I was growing up?

For those of you who don’t know:

Baecrate is a monthly subscription box membership. Each month there are different themes and if you purchase/subscribe, you will receive an Adult Romance novel in the mail! The box comes with cute limited edition items that follow the theme and are all book based aside from the book itself!

Here is a list of some book subscription boxes:

Baecrate’s book box theme for the month of August was Sleeping with the Enemy. It’s a known fact that the theme is right up my alley.

Sorry for the mediocre pictures, I’m in the process of moving and everything is in boxes right now.

Aside from a gorgeous special edition hard-cover copy of Danielle L Jensen’s Bridge Kingdom, it came with some other cute little trinkets inspired by other books that fit the theme.

It came with a plastic wine cup, a wine stopper/accelerator, a sleeping mask, and a cute themed hand sanitizer…I mean germ killer.

I had pictures but they won’t upload 😩

The books that the items were inspired by were:

The book has a reversible book jacket designed by the amazing Gabrielle Ragusi. The embossed book design was by none other than Elise Kova! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Definitely one of the best looking books in my shelf!

The pages are light-weight, smooth to the touch and my favorite part is that the beginning of each chapter has a small illustration on the top left corner. I have never read a book with detail illustrations on the first page of a chapter. They are usually a symbol or even quotes.

The text is well space and in a font that is legible and neat. Everything about this book is visually pleasing.

I can’t begin to tell you guys how excited I am to read this book!

I will be posting a library update (since I haven’t packed my books yet lol) soon and dedicate a post to my favorite books so far. Keep on the look out!

Do you have a book box subscription? What do you think about them?

Let me know in the comment below!



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