Planning With Jei: October

Hello planner babes!

Have you guys seen the Stargazer Happy Planner ? I am obsessed!! It all goes so well with the current Happy Notes I’m using.

October is right around the corner and with it begins a cute drawing prompt called Neimytober by the artist NeimyKanani which inspired October’s Bujo theme! If you are an artist or just like art, check her out!

Some Cool Bujo Resources:

Pinterest Bujo Image

October’s theme is all about the Witches. A friend gave me some awesome witch pin-up stickers and I knew I had to use them for October’s spread. Each sticker is a witch rendition of a famous pin up girl!

To accent the witchy theme, I added some lime-green pops of color to represent slime/witch’s brew.

The next two pages are my our regular stars: The habit trackers page and The Blog spread. This month there are a couple of more habits I want to track:

The Seo Couse and TypeScript Course are not “habits” per se, however I need to become better at staying on track with my online courses.

For my weekly’s this month, I decided to change it up a little and mimic the Happy Planner Dashboard spread. It allows you to have an overview of the week on the left-hand side where you get to set up your reminders, goals for the week, tasks, and keep note of any emails/calls you have to make. I added an expenses sticker to help me keep track on what I’m spending during the week.

On the right-hand side is all the actual days of the week in where you get to input the daily tasks/to do’s. Hopefully this layout helps me become a bit more organized again as I feel like I’ve really let myself slide these last two months.

What themes would you like to see for November?

Let me know in the comments below and as always, Thank you for reading!



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