BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: Blanket, Tea, Read!

BookendingWinter 19

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Good morning bookworms! I hope you are all staying warm and cozy as the father winter has officially arrived on the scene!

I’m not a huge fan of the winter. I hate being cold, I hate driving in snow….but I do have to say that there is a beauty when snow falls at night. The sight is almost magical!

Today’s prompt was created by the lovely Laurie @ Laurie’s Bookshelf! Don’t forget to head over to her blog to check out the original prompt and while you’re add it, check out her other amazing posts!


Blanket, Tea, Read!

Winter is the ultimate time to get yourself comfortable with blankets, tea and books. Which books would you like to read this winter, or which books are getting you in the winter/Christmas mood?

The start of December always means one thing for me: It’s time to read the Vampire Academy Series!

I can’t really explain why it is that every year it’s become tradition for me to read the series during December. The books always seem to put me in a holiday mood….Maybe it’s because I bought Vampire Academy 13+ years ago on a winter’s day….

However, I do have a mini TBR for December that I hope I get to. Like mentioned in my November Wrap-Up:

  1. Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan
  2. The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon
  3. The Near Witch by V.E Schwab
  4. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
  5. The Wicked King by Holly Black
  6. Queen Of Nothing by Holly Black

And since the above are all Novels, I decided that in between it wouldn’t hurt to read some novelettes/shorts!

Which books put you in a christmas/holiday mood? Let me know in the comments below or drop the link to your post!


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