April Wrap Up
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April Wrap Up

Hello lovely bookworms! May is here and hopefully, she brought warmer weather.

I yearn for the days where I can sit in my backyard and read under the warm sunrays.

April went by so fast thanks to how busy things have been a work. Working from home has proven to be both a good and a bad thing. Good because I could do other things at home, like plan out my posts between calls or set up my bullet journal. Bad because my room is now associated with work instead of being my relax space. The last two weeks had been the hardest because of how busy it was….

But so long April and it’s rainy weather and Hello May and your flowers!

April Wrap upStats:

Views: 413 | Visitors: 266 | Top Referrer: Pinterest

I had a 13.46% increase in views and 12.71% increase in visitors for April! A steady increase 🙂

April Wrap up Books Read:

🌠 = Re-read | 🚫 = DNF

  1. Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey
  2. Enemies by TIJAN 🚫
  3. I Bet You by Ilsa Madden Mils 🚫
  4. The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata 🌠

April Wrap up Blog Posts :

April Wrap up Favorite Blog Posts

May ”Planned” TBR:

I’m just going to go with the flow this month 🙂

May Events:

No events planned 😀 Just Animal Crossing!



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  • Kristina

    Yay for animal crossing !! This game is literally everything we needed right now xd

    uhoh- having your room switched from the relax place to the workplace is not the best indeed..
    Ohh how did you enjoyed fixed her up and Mariana Zapata’s book? I SO need to read thoses too eventually!

    Hopefully May will be better for you, and a tad more relaxing xx

    • Jeimy

      Mariana Zapata is an all time fave. I’ve mustve reread The Wall of Winnipeg and Me like 8 times already haha!
      I highly recommend you read anything by Mariana Zapata, she’s an amazing slow burn romance writer.

      Thank you <3 I hope May goes well for you too! Thank you for reading Kristina <3

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