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ARC Book Review: Boop and Eve’s Road Trip by Mary Helen Sheriff

Book Review

Title: Boop and Eve’s Road Trup

Author: Mary Helen Sheriff

Pages: 304

Format: Paperback


ARC provided by Mary Helen Sheriff in exchange for an honest review. The exchange does not affect my opinion of the book or my review on it.

Eve Prince is done with college, with her mom, with guys, and with her dream of fashion design. But when her best friend goes MIA, Eve must gather the broken threads of her life to search for her. Desperate to visit her sister, Boop, a retiree dripping with Southern charm, hijacks her granddaughter Eve’s road trip. Along the way, Boop hopes to alleviate Eve’s growing depression—which, she knows from experience, will require more than flirting lessons and a Garlic Festival makeover. Nevertheless, she is frustrated when her feeble efforts yield the same failures that the sulfur-laced sip from the Fountain of Youth wrought on her age. The one thing that might help is a secret that’s haunted Boop for sixty years. But in revealing it, Boop would risk losing her family and her own hard-won happiness. Their journey through the heart of Dixie is an unforgettable love story between a grandmother and her granddaughter.

This Women’s Lit takes us on an adventure of a young woman who has had her life planned out for her and her spunky grandma.
Eve carries the weight of her mom’s expectations on her shoulders. Unable to pursue her dream career and having her whole life planned out for her, Eve is looking for a way out. A way out of her mom’s grasp, of her unexperienced life. But when her best friend goes missing, only sending her a cryptid email, Eve takes it upon herself to go and find out what is going on!
Concerned about her grand-daughter’s well being, Boop decides to hijack Eve’s little trip in hopes of easing her descend into depression, something Boop knows all too well. However, things begin to complicate themselves when Boop’s own secrets begin to resurface. Secrets that might hint at what’s going on with Eve’s best friend disappearance…
Boop and Eve’s Road Trip was an interesting story, filled with laughs and touched upon themes like depression, self discovery and healing. You really root for Eve to break out of the clutches of her mother and Boop’s antics are just so funny. I really enjoyed how Mary Helen Sheriff tied in Boop’s past as it further fueled the story and brought in an element of intrigue. I really felt for Boop and her dysfunctional family.
Women’s Lit is a whole new territory for me and I’m glad that my first experience with it was through this book! I shall be on the lookout for more from Mary Helen Sheriff in the future.



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