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Bookending Spring 2020: Smile for the Shelfie

It’s finally that time again! BookEnding Spring is here!!!

Today’s post was created by one of our amazing hostess, Sam! Click here to see her answers.

Bookending Spring 2020 is one of the quarterly Bookend Events created and ran by two amazing book bloggers, Sam and Clo. The goal for each quarter is to discover new blogs, bring the community together and make new friends! You can track and join the fun by checking out the #BESPRING2020 hashtag on twitter 🙂

Smile for the Shelfie! 

Take a picture of your bookshelves and/or stacks and explain how you organize your books!

My little bookish corner
My little bookish corner

If my books are on my bookshelf, they have to be in Alpha Alpha order by author last name.

Alpha Alpha order, for those of you who don’t know what that means, is an organization method in where you organize based on primary and secondary alphabet order. Example: AA, AB, AC, AD…etc

I may or may not have a slight compulsion over organization and cleaning. I blame my hispanic mother for this, who else had to wake up early every saturday to clean? However, when it comes to books? It is much more serious. It will literally bother me for days on end if I place a book on my book shelf not following the alpha alpha by last name rule.

The entire bookshelf will look wrong to me.

The other underlining compulsion that I have is series HAVE TO BE TOGETHER. I can’t have a series broken up onto two shelves, they have to be in one shelve.


Thankfully, I don’t have any series longer than 7 books.

I have ordered a second bookshelf since it seems like my little library is growing every month. I do plan to move all the long series to that shelf and have this one for single books only…but we’ll see how I fair with that.

How do you organize your bookshelf?

Drop the link to your post below or answer in the comments 🙂