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Over Coffee: On Starting Over with Goodreads

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Over Coffee: On Starting Over with Goodreads

I’ve had enough. Enough of cleaning up a TBR that seems to never go down in numbers. Enough of seeing books that I will never read…Enough of getting 1000 messages from groups I joined 5 years ago!

Dearest Bookworms, I am about to do the unthinkable….Im going to delete all the books in my To-Read shelf and start over!

(Please watch the 27-second video for dramatic effect)

Or maybe not….

But Jeimy, why would you do that?

It’s simple. I need a fresh start with my Goodreads account. Much of the account is outdated, the majority of the to-read shelf holds books that I might’ve read 6-7 years ago but not anymore. I’ve been slowly cleaning it out but looking at the grander scale of things…I think it’s time to push the good ol’ restart button.

What about your read book?

Fret not! Luckily, Goodreads has an export option. I can export out all my shelves, clean it up and import it back in! It wont delete anything in the to-read shelf but in the new account, it will bring over all my read books!

How do you export out your shelves?

If you are as daring as I am right now:

  • Log into your Goodreads account
  • Click on My Books
  • On the left sidebar, click on Import and Export
  • Click on Export Library

This downloads an excel spreadsheet with all your shelf data. You can go in and clean it up, save it and the reimport it into Goodreads if you decide to start over as well.

I feel like this restart will help me organize my Goodreads Account better. I’ll be able to keep track of my books in a more efficient way and I’ll be able to join groups in a more controlled environment.

Have you ever hit the restart button on a social media account? How did you feel about it? Would you delete and remake your GoodReads?

Let me know in the comments below!