Happy Planning

Planning With Jei: Into the Bujo

Happy Saturday fellow Bookworms and Planner Babes!

As some of you may already know, I am a Planner addict. I love using my Happy planner to bring some semblance of organization in to my life. Whether it’s to jot down all the appointments I’ve made or set up a schedule for my blog or even keep track of all the books I’ve read and am going to read. [ See my previous post of setting up my planner]. I have fraken-planned my Happy planner to be a little of everything I need.

Or so I thought.

Part of this year’s resolution was to begin writing creatively again. Starting this blog was one way to kill three birds with one stone, a way to get me to read more frequently once more + Write more often + try something new (the blogging). I’ve managed to get the creative juices flowing, slowly but surely, thanks to reading so many great books and writing about them/participating in tags/memes for this blog.

So what is the one thing my fraken-planner is missing, you ask?

A section for creative writing. A section for jotting my ideas, recording research, and just overall an outlet for creativity. A mixture of an art journal and writer’s journal.

Unfortunately, my planner is big enough at the moment. But that didn’t stop me from looking up ideas. That’s when I was inspired by Bullet Journals [BUJO]!

Planning with Jei: Into the Bujo

Bullet Journal’s or BUJO are just like planners but they allow more creative freedom. The pages of the journal come bulleted and the person can draw out their spreads in any manner they want.

As I delved deeper into the Happy Bujo (Mambi makes Bujo’s now) instagram posts, the idea started to take form. I could use a bullet journal to be all the parts my planner cannot be! The only issue was, I didn’t know where to start.

Luckily, I ran across some great resources:

Boho Berry’s Nanowrimo Bullet Journal post.

Littlecoffeefox’s ultimate bullet journal cheatsheet post.

Pageflutter’s 14 lists to supercharge your writing post.

Diaryofajournalplanner’s art-journaling section.

Deeply inspired, I ordered my own Happy Notes Journal bundle from amazon and a pack of Zebra MildLiners! [Can we say no self control??]

The bundle brought 1 Happy Notes Journal, a set of Journaling stencils, and a habit tracking accessories pack. See Here to order. The Zebra Midliners bring 15 assorted colors. See Here to order.

Do you guys see my theme? 😉

I’ve also started a Pinterest Account to go in hand with my bullet journal [BUJO], for mood boards, inspirations, and other bookish/creative things ! Give me a follow https://www.pinterest.com/bibliowtch/ <3

Do you have a bullet journal or creative journal? Let me know in the comments down below how you keep track of your creative ideas!