Review Policy

Have a review request? Feel free to contact me at

Just send a short summary of what your book is about and why you think I would enjoy it.

The reviews will be 100% true and honest. Even if, I did not enjoy a book it doesn’t mean I won’t highlight its good points; Just because I didn’t like it, doesn’t mean someone else won’t, we all have different tastes. They will be posted on this blog and will be posted on the Goodreads book page.

I accept both physical and e-book formats.

My preferences for books are NA and mature YA. Although I do enjoy Fantasy and its sub-categories, I do read Contemporary as well. Romance is the key in all those genres but I do tend to span out from time to time; reading books that have Romance take the back seat. I do read Adult books but it is very rare, and they’re usually High Fantasy-Romance.


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