Planning With Jei: June Update

It’s Saturday! T-Minus 6 days until Summer begins and 2 more weeks until Bookending Summer 19! The announcement post has gone up on Clo @ Bookdragons‘s site, Bookending Summer 2019 Announcement. The Event is a great way to interact with those in the book community, make new friends and get ideas for your own blog! If you […]

Planning with Jei: Weekly View

Happy Saturday everyone! Today’s post is all about my weekly view for my Happy Planner. If you haven’t checked out my last post, Setting up my Monthly Book Blog Spread , go ahead and take a look! As we all know now, I use my planner for everyday life. I enjoy taking a few moments […]

Planning With Jei: Setting up my Monthly Book Blog Spread

Today’s post is all about PLANNING!

I’ve been part of the Planner community for three years now and have loved every step of it. Setting aside a part of my day to plan out my week/month, design my weekly and monthly spreads with stickers and drawings, is now part of my routine. It took a while to get here as I was always very disorganized but I’ve made it. Planning is now something I do without a second thought.

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