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Over Coffee: 4 tips on beating Blogging Burn Out

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Today’s topic is one that, sooner or later, we all experience. As bloggers, we are constantly working on posts, images, researching new ways to make our blog better, etc…And after a time, we begin to feel the effects of constantly working.

Running a blog is WORK. Whether you do it for free or are an affiliate blogger, running a blog requires dedication and lots of time. Things that you would’ve never put much thought into.

After a while, you feel uninspired, unable to focus on writing your blog posts, and on marketing your blog on social media. The feeling of it being a chore starts to settle in and you become unhappy with what you are doing.

Blogging Burn Out SUCKS

It stomps on all your hopes and aspirations for your blog, makes you tired and unable to share your creations with the world.


There are things you can do to help fight the burn out!

Over Coffee: 4 tips on beating Blogging Burn Out

Take a break: It is okay to take a step away from blogging for a while to replenish your energy. Whether it be a few days to weeks and even months, whatever it takes to help you clear the fog and gain that energy back. Taking a break from blogging gives you a chance to be re-inspired, read for leisure, and removes that pressure we tend to put on ourselves to push out content. It allows us more time to dedicate to other projects we may have been juggling or even just veg out and do nothing.

However, if you’re the type to not take breaks for fear of falling out of habit then maybe the next few tips would work for you:

Change your schedule: Sometimes you need to spice up your routine and switch it around! Do you post everyday? Maybe shifting your schedule to every other day will help. Or maybe posting a few times a week instead might be better. Are you someone who posts constantly first thing in the morning? Try posting later in the day to give yourself some you time at the beginning of the day.
Moving your schedule around can give you a small restart on your routine and makes it more manageable and breaks the feeling of dread we begin to feel after a while of doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Invite Other bloggers to Guest Post: Listen, constantly coming up with content isn’t easy and like I mentioned before, it’s okay to take breaks. But if you are someone who doesn’t want to put a full stop to their blog, you can try inviting other bloggers to Guest Post.
You can provide them with a book tag, have them discuss a particular theme or interview them for a blogger feature segment.

Post Shorter Posts: Not a favorite of mine but sometimes there is no other choice but to do it. Posting shorter posts minimizes the time you spend over thinking about it and it teaches you to get your point across in a constrained word count. Some examples of short posts are: Bullet Point Reviews, Book Tags that have 5 or less prompts, or a quick Blogger/Blog update (no more than 2 paragraphs)

How do you deal with blogging burn out? Do you have your own advice for dealing with it?

Let me know in the comments below!